Bookshelf Cafe: Hamacho
Bookshelf Cafe Hamacho: Cafe

This neighborhood cafe offers Hitachino Nest beers (six by the bottle, one or two on draft) and espresso beverages from Horiguchi Coffee. Lunch specials include taco-rice, ciabatta sandwiches and keema curry, most of which are also served at breakfast time.

From 2-5pm there's a teatime menu, which includes a Y600 plate of small snacks, and after 5pm there's a slightly bigger dinner menu. Free WiFi is available to customers. Despite the cafe's name, they don't have shelves full of books, but they do offer tablets that you can borrow to surf the web.

Bookshelf Cafe
Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi Hamacho 2-35-4.
Open 8:30am-9pm (Sat 10-6). Closed Sundays.