Kura Kura Ji-beer House: Kanda
Kura Kura Ji-beer House Kanda: Beer bar

The off-the shelf snack-bar decor here is perked up by a cozy counter bar with five seats and twelve taps dispensing some of Japan's best microbrew beers. The small menu includes a few good chicken dishes, including raw chicken with pungent wasabi, plus the usual sausages, potatoes, etc. One of the oldest Japanese microbrew bars, Kura Kura was located in Shimo-Kitazawa for ten years before their move to Kanda. No smoking.

Kura Kura Ji-beer House
Chiyoda-ku, Kajicho 1-4-6, Tokyo Kanda Bldg. 3F.
Open 5-11:30pm. Closed Sundays.
no smoking: No smoking