Izumiya: Kojimachi
Izumiya Kojimachi: Sake bar

With its traditional wood-beam architecture, old-fashioned snacks and laid-back atmosphere, this long-established standing bar is a fun place to stop in for a glass of sake or a Belgian beer. The main sake list features fourteen labels from well-regarded craft breweries, and there are also three or four seasonal specials at any given time.

If you're more in a beer-drinking mood, you can choose from a nice selection of bottled Belgians, as well as several beers from Nagano-based craft brewer Shiga Kogen. Sake is priced at Y420 for a 150-180ml pour, while beers start at around Y700 a bottle.

A wide range of inexpensive packaged bar snacks is available for your enjoyment, including sembei crackers, dried salami, mini-cheese slices and Doritos. Park yourself at one of the overturned barrels scattered around the inside of the shop, and don't forget to return your sake glasses to the front counter when you leave.

Note that there isn't a great deal of separation between the interior of the shop and the outside elements, so keep your coat on if you come in winter. You may also notice cigarette smoke "inside" even though the smoking area is out front.

Chiyoda-ku, Kojimachi 2-5-2.
Open 6-10pm. Closed Sat, Sun, 3rd Wed.


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