Kansai-Nagoya-Sendai Craft Beer Bars
Kansai-Nagoya Craft Beer Bars
Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, Sendai listings
Festivals and other events
August 29 - September 2 (Wed-Fri 4-9pm; Sat-Sun 11am-9pm)
Belgian Beer Weekend 2018 Kobe
This is the second year that this popular multi-city event will be taking place in Kobe. Over fifty Belgian breweries take part each year, and 12.7 tons of Belgian fries are consumed, along with sausages and other Belgian food.
Meriken Park
Price: Y2900 for a "starter set" ticket book
Kansai featured
craft beer
Fujiyama - Beer bar: Osaka Kita-Horie
Billing themselves as a "meat beer bar," Fujiyama delivers on both food and drink fronts, with an excellent selection of craft beers alongside a meat-focused food menu. The bar's six taps dispense US craft beers from breweries like Knee Deep, Lost Coast and Breakside, and there's a selection of around fifty bottled imports as well, including some splurge-worthy premium bottles....[Continue reading]
craft beer
TNT - Beer bar: Osaka Taisho
This extremely informal, charmingly scruffy bar has one of the most impressive selections of US craft beers by the bottle that we've seen in town, usually with more than 100 to choose from. Most bottles are in the Y900-1200 range, although you'll also run across some rare finds at higher prices. The bar's five taps are also US-centric, priced at Y1000 a pint....[Continue reading]
craft beer
Molto!! - Italian: Osaka Fukushima
Molto's Fukushima branch stands out among Osaka's many craft-beer bars for its excellent food - a selection of a dozen or so home-made artisanal sausages alongside a full menu of casual Italian cuisine. If you're just popping in for a drink the sauteed foie gras and sausage platter (Y800) is highly recommended. Some of the tempting sausage variations here include apple-ginger, yuzu-kosho...[Continue reading]
craft beer
AB - Cafe: Kyoto
This very fashionable cafe-bar and boutique serves gourmet coffee, meaty sandwiches, and a rotating selection of Japanese craft beers on draft from five taps. The beer selection leans heavily towards local brewery Kyoto Brewing; on a recent visit there were three beers from Kyoto, plus one each from Swan Lake and Talmary (a small Tottori brewery).... [Continue reading]
craft beer
Hop Stand - Yakitori: Kobe
Craft beers from Rokko brewery are served with yakitori at this small bar. There are generally five or six craft beers on draft (along with three macros), served in four different sizes and priced at Y920 for around a UK pint and Y480 for a small glass. They also have tasting sets...[Continue reading]
craft beer
Ichi-ya - Beer bar: Kyoto
Ichiya's spacious dining room is definitely a cut above your average beer bar, with stylish modern decor, comfortable seating and an invigorating musical soundtrack. Launched in August 2016 by Kyoto's Ichijoji Brewery, the bar serves excellent food and very reasonably priced craft beers in...[Continue reading]


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