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Beerich Yeast - Beer bar: Kinshicho
Beerich has all the trappings of a classic old-school Tokyo cocktail bar - the bartenders are decked out in white shirts and vests, and the drinks come with gigantic globes of hand-carved ice. The atmosphere isn't quite as stiff as you might...
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Mikkeller - Beer bar: Shibuya
This Tokyo outpost of the Danish brewery seems to be aimed squarely at craft-beer geeks, with an impressive range of unusual Mikkeller beers and hard-to-find tiny Japanese breweries like Yorocco, AJB and Songbird. Although it's located in one of...
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My TaBReW - Eclectic: Tachikawa
With its wildly multinational food menu and over-the-top ethnic-restaurant decor, My TaBReW (aka "My Table") is a fun spot to grab a bite and a drink. And if you're a fan of craft beers, the tap list is well worth exploring. Small domestic...
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Wagaya - Kushiage: Tachikawa
Deep-fried kushiage skewers go wonderfully well with beer, so the combination of kushiage plus craft beer is an appealing alternative to the insipid mini-pizzas and sausages found at so many bars. Run by Shizuoka-based Ten Ants brewery, Wagaya...
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Rose Hogs - Grill: Tachikawa
The main attraction for craft-beer fans here is the tempting selection of more than thirty US bottled beers, from breweries like Fish Tale, Lost Coast and Lompoc. There are also around a dozen Belgian beers by the bottle, and three or four craft...
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Basel - Deli salads: Tachikawa
The deli counter at Station Cafe Basel was an unexpected discovery - an appetizing selection of around twenty vegetable-centric (but non-vegetarian) light dishes that you can mix and match, for here or to go. They also serve dessert, good coffee, a...
Upcoming events
Tokyo Kabukicho
May 24-28 (5/24 3-9pm; other days 11am-9pm)
Oedo Beer Matsuri 2017
More than two dozen Japanese craft breweries will be represented at this five-day festival, along with many imports from the US, UK and Europe. There will also be a good selection of booths selling food.
Kabukicho Cinecity Square
Price: Free admission, pay as you go
Tokyo Hibiya
June 2-11 (weekdays 4-10pm, weekends 11am-10pm; last order 9:30)
Hibiya Oktoberfest Spring 2017
One of Tokyo's several multi-day Oktoberfest events, this very popular outdoor event offers German food, beer and music. While there are many imports, beers from local Yamanashi brewery Fujizakura are probably the best value for money.
Hibiya Park, Central Fountain
Price: Free admission, pay as you go
Tokyo Ebisu
June 3-4
BeerFes Tokyo 2017
One of Japan's longest-running craft-beer festivals, BeerFes gives you the chance to try over 100 kinds of beer for a single admission price.
Yebisu Garden Place - The Garden Hall
Ticket price TBA


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