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Umami Burger - Burgers: Omotesando
The Umami Burger delivers a giant blast of rich, meaty flavor, more than living up to its name. The signature dish at this California-based gourmet burger shop, it has been carefully crafted from a palette of savory, glutamate-rich ingredients -...
Pigalle - Beer bar: Sangenjaya
While other Tokyo craft-beer bars may specialize in small Japanese breweries or US imports, Pigalle is a good place to find interesting European craft beers, both on draft and by the bottle, as well as craft ciders. The funky interior has a cozy...
craft beer
Beer Brain - Beer bar: Omotesando
Although it's tiny itself, this cozy standing bar is part of the larger Commune 2nd complex, an assemblage of casual food trucks in the heart of Aoyama. Food options from the surrounding trucks include German sausages, Thai curries, Hawaiian...
craft beer
Living - Beer bar: Yokohama Yamashitacho
A comfortable, laid-back bar located near Yamashita Park, Living Craft Beer Bar offers ten Japanese craft beers on draft along with a creative food menu. If you have trouble deciding what to drink, you can opt for a three-glass tasting set of your...
craft beer
Kazenori Meri - Beer bar: Shimo-Kitazawa
The well-chosen selection of twenty craft beers here is accompanied by a very nice food menu, with enticing dishes like stewed pork belly and chicken wings, herb-infused fish and chips, and potato salad with chicken breast and avocado. There are...
craft beer
Ushitora One - Beer bar: Shimo-Kitazawa
One of Tokyo's pioneering craft-beer bars, Ushitora devotes several taps to their own beers, brewed in Tochigi, along with a good selection of Japanese and imported craft beers - there are 25 taps in all. The small food menu offers tasty...
Upcoming events
Saitama Shintoshin
May 17-21
Keiyaki Beer Festival Spring 2017
This major beer festival generally features well over fifty breweries and attracts huge crowds. Highly recommended.
Keyaki Hiroba
Price: Free admission, pay as you go
May 18-21 (Thu-Sun)
Belgian Beer Weekend 2017 Yokohama
Over fifty Belgian breweries take part each year, and 12.7 tons of Belgian fries are consumed at this very festive multi-city event.
Yamashita Park
Price: Y3500 for book of 11 tickets plus one glass; slightly cheaper if purchased in advance.
Tokyo Ebisu
June 3-4
BeerFes Tokyo 2017
One of Japan's longest-running craft-beer festivals, BeerFes gives you the chance to try over 100 kinds of beer for a single admission price.
Yebisu Garden Place - The Garden Hall
Ticket price TBA


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