BrewDog: Roppongi
BrewDog Roppongi: Beer bar

Scotland's popular craft-beer brewery has opened their first Japanese bar in the middle of Roppongi. The rather spacious establishment serves twenty brews on tap, including BrewDog's flagship Punk IPA as well as their very impressive Jackhammer IPA, Hardcore IPA, and Dead Pony Club pale ale. Prices are a bit above average, but so is the selection.

There's also a roster of guest beers representing notable finds from around the US and UK, Scandinavia and Japan. Recent options included beers from Nogne, Mikkler, Heretic, Lagnitas, Thornbridge, Hitachino Nest and Shiga Kogen.

Open from 11am Friday-Sunday.

Minato-ku, Roppongi 5-3-2.
Open 5pm-midnight daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking