Arrows: Funabashi
Arrows Funabashi: British pub

Located in the middle of an entertainment zone a few minutes from Funabashi Station, this spacious British-style pub offers a handful of American and Japanese craft beers on tap as well as more traditional English ales. Tasting flights of either three or six beers are a nice way to try out an assortment of brews in one visit.

In addition to a small (sometimes smoky) wrap-around bar there are two cozy, dimly lit lounge-style areas. The atmosphere is quite casual, with a rock-music soundtrack, a football-themed decor and English football matches showing on the TV monitors.

Draft beer from the eight taps is served in three sizes, and is typically priced at Y1100 per UK pint for Japanese beers and Y1200 for imports. The snack-focused food menu can be hit or miss; the chili beans were probably the highlight.

Funabashi, Chiba, Honcho 4-39-6, 2F.
Open 5pm-1am (LO; Sat -3am) daily.
late: Open late
Sun: Open Sundays