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online shopping
Online shopping for craft beer in Japan
Online beer shopping
If you can't find much in the way of craft beers in your local liquor shop, don't fret. Here are more than a dozen online shops that sell beer from various breweries, including imports.

Orders can generally be handled online, with payment by credit card, bank or postal transfer or COD.
Order in English
A small Nagoya bottle shop run by an American craft-beer fan, Hopbuds offers more than 100 well-chosen US craft beers, which you can order in English.
The Yokohama shop offers a good selection of popular US craft beers in English.
This Osaka-based Belgian beer importer has one of the few online stores in Japan available in English.
Order in Japanese
This site lists thousands of beer offers (cases, gift sets, and individual bottles). You can browse by clicking on the beer categories. Searches are also possible but must be typed in katakana -- which can be a problem with Belgian and German names. On the Rakuten site, you need to register once with your credit card information; thereafter, you simply need to log in and do not need to re-enter information.
Similar to Rakuten Ichiba, the Yahoo! Japan Shopping site offers a smaller selection of beers. Searches may be typed in and sorted according to price.
A good selection of Japanese and world brews
Beer from Washington state breweries like Schooner Exact and Elysian can be ordered by the case
Six Japanese microbrews delivered to your door each month for 3,000 yen.
Wide variety of Belgian styles & others (German, UK, Irish, Dutch, Canadian, US, and various Asian beers)
Belgian beers and a limited number from other countries

Craft Beer Base in Osaka offers a number of custom-order packages of imported craft beers.
Several great Japanese microbrews
Good selection from several well-known Japanese breweries
Online retailer specializing in Japanese and imported microbrews
Japanese craft beer, categorized by prefecture
A wide selection of beers from Belgium and other countries (Japan, Germany, USA, Ireland, England, and Australia)
Japanese, European, and American beers
A variety of deals on several Japanese micros
Japanese and world beers
Stocks many hard-to-find beers from several countries
Bargain hunting. Good luck!
Online liquor shop with a great variety of world beers

by Nevitt Reagan.
Nevitt Reagan is also the author of the beer blog Beering in Mind.

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