Craft Beer Bars Japan
Craft Beer Bars Japan
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Beer Ma - Liquor shop: Kameido
The fridges are filled with hundreds of exotic imported beers at this third retail branch of a Tokyo-based beer importer. Unlike the first two standing-bar branches of Beer Ma, this one has seating, in the form of three small folding chairs next to...
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Citan - Bar: Bakurocho
The spacious, stylishly decorated basement lounge in Citan Hostel offers a wide selection of exotic imported craft beers in cans and bottles as well as numerous wines by the glass, all in a quiet, very relaxed setting. There's art on the walls to...
Noodle House Laundry - Asian fusion: Yaesu
Small dishes and noodles from China, Southeast Asia and Japan are served with craft beers at this very multi-cultural establishment in Tokyo station's restaurant complex. The atmosphere is lively, and the food is tasty and well prepared, several...
Dig The Line Doors - Beer bar: Harajuku
This starkly minimalist taproom and bottle shop is the first Tokyo branch of a popular Kyoto bar run by an importer of European craft beers. They are equipped with five taps for draft beers and cider, or you can choose from around 150 canned and...
TDM 1874 - Beer bar: Shimo-Kitazawa
Run by Yokohama's excellent TDM 1874 Brewery, this stylish retail outlet and bar serves as a tasting room for their beers as well as an all-purpose liquor store, with sake and wines for sale in addition to beer and cider. There's a small but...
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Dig The Line - Beer bar: Kyoto
By far the hippest beer bar in Kyoto, Dig The Line offers a good selection of imported craft beers and ciders, excellent music (with regular DJ events), and comfortable seating both indoors and out. Ten taps are devoted to beer and cider, while the fridge is filled with dozens of cans and bottles from Sweden's Brewski label....[Continue reading]


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