Petit Delirium Tap Cafe: Nishi-Shinjuku
Petit Delirium Tap Cafe Nishi-Shinjuku: Belgian rest/beer bar

Although it's one of the smaller branches of the Delirium Belgian beer-bar chain, Petit Delirium boasts a spacious outdoor terrace area with 72 seats, perfect for those times when you want to enjoy a beer out in the fresh air. It's conveniently located at the Yoyogi end of Southern Terrace, easily accessible from Shinjuku Station but sufficiently removed from the bustling crowds.

You can choose from around a dozen beers on tap and over a hundred by the bottle, with numerous seasonal brews and large-size bottles to share. There's a serious meat-centered food menu featuring premium Tokyo X pork, heirloom-breed Daisendori chicken and Black Angus beef, including mixed-grill platters and charcuterie plates.

If you're not ready for a full meal, the appetizer platter offers a nice variety of snacks, and Delirium's frites are well prepared, pairing nicely with their spicy "samurai" dipping sauce. Budget around Y4,000-5,000 for dinner with drinks, or less if you're just having snacks with a few beers.

Petit Delirium Tap Cafe
Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi 2-2-1, Shinjuku Southern Terrace.
東京都渋谷区代々木2-2-1 新宿サザンテラス内 
Open 11am-11pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays


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