Beerich Yeast: Kinshicho
Beerich Yeast Kinshicho: Beer bar

Beerich has all the trappings of a classic old-school Tokyo cocktail bar - the bartenders are decked out in white shirts and vests, and the drinks come with gigantic globes of hand-carved ice. The atmosphere isn't quite as stiff as you might expect, though, and once you settle in it feels more like a friendly neighborhood drinking spot than a Ginza cocktail mausoleum. You can enjoy the atmosphere at your leisure, too - as long as you behave yourself they won't kick you out until four in the morning.

Beer drinkers can enjoy Yona Yona Real Ale and Tokyo Black on tap along with three Japanese guest beers. It's not a big list, but it's generally well chosen. On a recent visit the three guests were from Kyoto Brewing, Shiga Kogen and Tochigi's Blue Magic.

The tap list is supplemented by thirty Japanese bottled beers, including multiple offerings from breweries like Shiga Kogen, Minoh and Bayern. There's also a serious selection of Japanese craft spirits - locally produced artisanal gins and rums as well as the usual domestic whiskeys.

Food is limited to drink-friendly bar fare like sausages and liver pate. Our smoked chicken was the culinary highlight of our visit, and like the rest of the food menu it was quite reasonably priced. The shop is spread out over three narrow floors, with a counter bar downstairs and tables on the second and third levels. Beer prices start at around Y860 for draft and Y950 for bottles, and there's a Y300 per person table charge.

Beerich Yeast
Sumida-ku, Kinshi 2-5-12.
Open 6pm-3am (LO). Closed Sundays.
late: Open late


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