Craftsman: Sendai
Craftsman Sendai: Italian

A combination beer bar and restaurant, Craftsman offers 31 craft beers on tap as well as a big Italian-Mediterranean food menu. The bar area is a reasonable place to grab a quick drink on your own, or if you want a full meal. there's ample table seating in the big dining room, although reservations are probably a good idea. In addition to beers, you can choose from a large, budget-friendly wine list.

The tap selection during our iniitial visit featured imports from Coronado and Ballast Point in addtion to the usual Japanese breweries. Small glasses (250ml) start at Y520, and there's a small table charge. The food menu covers everything from pizzas and pastas to grilled meats and burgers, and the musical soundtrack focuses on R&B and soul. Budget around Y3800 for dinner and drinks.

Sendai Aoba-ku, Chuo 2-2-38.
{錧s—t撆2-2-38 tH[V[Y1F
Open 11:30am-1am daily.
late: Open late
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking


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