Craft Beer Market: Sendai
Craft Beer Market Sendai: Beer bar

In addition to serving well-selected craft beers at reasonable prices, branches of the very popular CBM chain are also known for their better-than-average food offerings, and the Sendai branch is no exception. Each kitchen has its own specialties, and the focus here is on seafood and brochettes of barbecued meats. The setting is spacious and modern, one of the nicer spots in Sendai's lively entertainment district.

The seafood menu changes daily, according to what's available at the market - small plates of seared bonito, smoked sea squirt and tuna sashimi were some typical mid-summer items. If you're with a group of seafood fans, the medium-sized grilled seafood platter (Y1980) is probably a good bet. The brochette selection is more stable, and includes lamb, venison, chicken and garlic shrimp, with a minimum order of two skewers per item.

As with other CBM branches, beers are typically priced at Y480 for a small glass and Y780 for a large size, with around thirty choices on tap. They also offer a few different craft sake. The dining room is nicely decorated, with brick walls and lead-paned windows and an open terrace up front. The room tends to fill up fast, so reservations are a good idea if you're coming with a group.

Craft Beer Market
Sendai Aoba-ku, Kokubuncho 2-1-12.
{錧s—t捑2-1-12 ˏr 1F
Open 5pm-1:30am (LO; Fri, Sat - 2:30am). Closed Sunday nights.
late: Open late
no smoking: No smoking


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