Crepuscule Cafe: Sendai
Crepuscule Cafe Sendai: Belgian rest/beer bar

Located on the ground floor of Fumihiko Maki's landmark Mediateque arts complex, this combination cafe-bar surely has the most architecturally stunning backdrop of any beer bar in Japan, although the setting isn't exactly cozy. Two Belgian beers are served on tap (Grisette Blanch and Bellevue Kriek when we visited), while another twenty or so are in bottles, at average Belgian beer price levels, mostly Y900 or so.

Surprisingly, there's also a small dinner menu in the evenings - pastas, pizzas and curry rice. Sandwiches, quiches and pastries are served during the day.

Crepuscule Cafe
Sendai Aoba-ku, Kasugamachi 2-1, Sendai Mediateque 1F.
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Open 10am-9:30pm. Closed 4th Thursday.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking


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