Nihonbashi Brewery: Bakurocho
Nihonbashi Brewery Bakurocho: Brewpub

This brewpub is run by a veteran of HUB (Hopworks Urban Brewery) in Portland, Oregon, and the thirteen taps here carry HUB beers and other imports, domestic Japanese craft beers from producers like Kyoto Brewing, and one or two of their own house brews. There's usually a cider as well. One attractive feature is that they offer small-size glasses priced at just Y380, so customers can try a few different beers at one sitting. (Medium and pint-size glasses are also available.)

The very inventive food menu is worth exploring, starting with their line-up of original pizzas. The cheese and miso work together very well on the miso-renkon pizza, with the lotus root adding a nice crunchiness. If you like a bit of heat, the spicy sausage and jalapeno pizza packs a real kick. Other super-savory, umami-rich delicacies include grilled pork belly served with a tapenade-like shiitake mushroom relish, and an excellent salad of coriander, bean sprouts and greens in a miso dressing.

The chicken wings are another highlight - ten extremely crisp mini-wings served with either a fine-herb or a chili-flavored dip. Lunch (served until 2pm) is limited to a couple of pizzas and pasta dishes, but these come with a buffet-style salad bar.

The smart decor leans towards industrial chic, with seating for 45 customers, including 17 at the counters. The bar is located just a few minutes away from Beer Wars, another craft-beer bar, in case you want to do a bit of bar-hopping in the neighborhood.

Nihonbashi Brewery
Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi Tomizawacho 10-13.
Open 11:30am-11pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays


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