Citraba: Koenji
Citraba Koenji: Beer bar

This spacious beer bar offers 16 or so well-chosen craft beers from breweries like Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland, OR), Omnipollo (Stockholm), Wylam (Newcastle upon Tyne) and Outsider (Yamanashi). Citraba occupies the former location of Craft Beer Market Koenji, and the decor is pretty much unchanged, although prices are a tad higher and the beer selection is much more upscale.

Most beers are priced at Y580 and Y980 for half-pints and pints, with some smaller pours for extra-special beers. Other drink options include eight different lemon-sour cocktails, sake, wine, craft gin and whiskey. They also carry Kirin Heartland and a couple of Hoegaarden Belgian beers.

If you're hungry, the fried chicken is a specialty of the house and well worth a try. It's made from an heirloom breed of chicken called Daisendori, deep-fried with a crisp, crunchy skin and served with an excellent cilantro vinagrette. At Y980 for a big serving (half a bird), it's good value for money as well. The rest of the food offerings are mostly izakaya-style bar snacks, such as the five-part appetizer platter featuring rather run-of-the-mill versions of potato salad, pate de campagne and other small dishes.

There's plenty of room to stretch out at comfortable low tables in back, high tables in front, and along two counters looking over the open kitchen and tap areas. The background music is a steady stream of pop-punk standards, similar to what they played when this was Craft Beer Market. Budget around Y3000-3500 for dinner with a few beers. The bar is open from noon on weekends.

Suginami-ku, Koenji-Kita 2-22-6.
Open 5-11:30pm (Sat, Sun 12-11:30) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays


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