Cidernaut: Shibuya
Cidernaut Shibuya: Bar

Inspired by his experiences when living in England, owner Mitsuru Takeda opened Cidernaut with the aim of introducing the joys of craft cider to Tokyo. The bar's twelve taps dispense around eight or nine different ciders at a time, with the remainder devoted to craft beer. Ciders are a mix of US and British imports with a few domestic brands, covering a range of styles.

Some recent offerings have included Cucumber Hibiscus Cider from Seattle, Rosie's Pig Rhubarb Cider from Hertfordshire, and Lost Tropic from Graft Cider in New York. Ciders are served in three sizes, starting at around Y690 for a small glass and Y990 and Y1,190 for medium and large sizes.

The compact food menu features snacks like bagels with pulled pork, Buffalo wings, and nachos. The decor is tastefully British, with seating on stools at the bar and at high tables. Budget around Y2,000-4,000 for food and drink.

Shibuya-ku, Kamiyamacho 16-4.
Open noon-11:30pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays


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