Beer Ma: Kameido
Beer Ma Kameido: Liquor shop

The fridges are filled with hundreds of exotic imported beers at this third retail branch of a Tokyo-based beer importer. Unlike the first two standing-bar branches of Beer Ma, this one has seating, in the form of three small folding chairs next to the counter. Alternatively, you can enjoy your beers while sitting on benches in the small park area outside, weather permitting.

The shop is located in the lively indoor-outdoor yokocho bar complex attached to the Kameido Clock shopping mall.

Beer Ma
Koto-ku, Tokyo, Kameido 6-31-6, Kameido Clock 1F Kamekuro Yokocho.
東京都江東区亀戸6-31-6 カメイドクロック 1F カメクロ横丁
Open 11am-11pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays


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