Ebisu and south
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Ebisu, Daikanyama

Jolly's - Liquor shop: Ebisu
Billing themselves as a liquor store and sound studio, Jolly's has been selling booze here in Ebisu since the 1920s. Nowadays they stock a decent selection of mostly US craft beers in cans and bottles - maybe forty in all, starting at around Y500...
Night Owl - Liquor shop: Ebisu
This tiny shop serves as a standing bar, specialty liquor shop and gourmet grocer, with a bit of art gallery thrown in for good measure. Five taps serve craft beer from Japan and abroad (Y500 for a smallish pour), or you can bring in your own...
craft beer
Yona Yona Beer Works - Beer bar: Ebisu
Gourmet sausages and well-prepared roast chicken are the centerpieces of the food menu here, served with the full line-up of craft beers from Yoho Brewery in Karuizawa, including seasonal specials. Budget around Y3500 for dinner with drinks. Open...
Delirium Cafe Ebisu The Roast - Belgian rest/beer bar: Ebisu
This branch of the popular Belgian beer chain offers an ambitious food menu focusing on grilled and roasted Iberico pork and other premium meats, all served with seasonal vegetables. There's a good selection of 12-15 Belgian beers on tap and many...
craft beer
Footnik - Beer bar: Ebisu
Not just for football fans, this British pub serves a half dozen craft beers on tap, from breweries like Avery, Green Flash and Evil Twin, along with the usual Kilkenny and Yebisu. A 2/3 pint glass will set you back around Y1000. Football matches...
craft beer
Burger Mania - Burgers: Ebisu
This branch of the popular burger chain offers a well-chosen selection of craft beers to go with your burgers, from breweries like Green Flash, Ballast Point and Far Yeast. The six taps include one IPA, one white beer, one stout, and so on, and are...
Museum of Yebisu Beer - Attraction: Ebisu
Devoted to the proud history of the Yebisu beer brand, this recently renovated facility is built on the site of Tokyo's original Sapporo Brewery. It includes a spacious restaurant, a smaller exhibition area, a theater, and a well-stocked gift shop....
british beer
What the Dickens - British pub: Ebisu
A bit of Roppongi nightlife dropped into Ebisu - live bands, lots of foreign customers, British beers (mostly bottled), and inexpensive, filling pub dishes like shepherd's pie.
craft beer
TBE Brewing - Beer bar: Ebisu
A cozy neighborhood drinking spot, TBE serves mostly domestic beers from brewers like Y Market and North Island from their ten taps. There may be a couple of imports on the list as well, and possibly a few of their own TBE beers. The kitchen turns...
craft beer
Bakushuan - Izakaya: Ebisu
If you like both craft beer and craft sake, and you find yourself in Ebisu, this branch of Otsuka's legendary Bakushuan beer bar is the place for you. Ten mainly Japanese craft beers are served on tap, and there's an impressive sake list along with...
Spring Valley Brewery - Brewpub: Daikanyama
Run by Kirin Brewery, this brewpub is a massive 200-seat all-day dining restaurant. There are usually six craft-style beers available, priced at Y680 for a regular 360ml glass, or Y1000 for a set of six taster glasses.

Hiroo, Nishi-Azabu, Shirokanedai

Pacific N.W. - Brewpub: Nishi-Azabu
This Pacific Northwest-themed bar (and future brewpub) offers five taps of US imports from relatively hard-to-find breweries like Airways, Culmination and Breakside. The small food menu features dishes like Seattle-style tuna steak with apple...
one or two beers
Helmsdale - Bar: Nishi-Azabu
300 single-malt whiskies, a couple of interesting Scottish ales (Dark Island and Black Cuillin, from Orkney and Skye respectively), and an interesting food menu, including haggis, Welsh rarebit and kipper herring. Open shockingly late.
craft beer
Gorigori Burger Taproom - Burgers: Nishi-Azabu
American-style burgers, Buffalo wings and craft beers are the main draws here. Burger options include a bunless, 360g low-carb burger (Y1480) and a huge 540g triple burger (Y2400). The bar's dozen or so taps dispense craft beers from breweries...
craft beer
Burger Mania - Burgers: Hiroo
Good American-style gourmet burgers and sandwiches are served here, with six taps of craft beer in different styles - lager, pale ale, IPA and so on. Draft beers are Y880 and Y1100 (370ml and 473ml sizes), and some bottles and cans are also...
craft beer
Luke's - Seafood: Hiroo
This popular New York-based lobster specialist is known for their tasty lobster and seafood rolls - sandwiches stuffed with Maine lobster, crabmeat and shrimp. As a bonus, you'll find a well-chosen selection of reasonably priced US craft beers in...
craft beer
Burger Mania - Burgers: Shirokanedai
The original shop of this popular burger chain serves American-style gourmet burgers and sandwiches. Craft-beer fans can choose from six beers on draft, including one each of stout, lager, pale ale, and IPA styles and one seasonal beer. Draft...
IR Second House - Grill: Shirokanedai
This casual neighborhood dining spot serves up excellent food in a gorgeous setting, and offers a nice rotating selection of US craft beers on tap, along with several wines priced at Y4000 per bottle. In addition to table seating, there's an...


Deguchiya - Liquor shop: Naka-Meguro
Mainly a wine specialist, Deguchiya also has a very good craft-beer selection, and they will let you drink anything you buy here after adding a small corkage charge. They're probably stronger in US imports, but also carry some Japanese beers,...
craft beer
Hatos Bar - Beer bar: Naka-Meguro
Excellent American-style barbecue and nice microbrew beers to go with them are the surprising finds at this charming neighborhood bar. Richly marbled pork belly was our favorite, but we also greatly enjoyed Hatos's baby-back ribs, pulled-pork...
Nakameguro Taproom - Brewpub: Naka-Meguro
While its office-building setting and generic wood-paneled-den decor aren't especially inviting, this branch of the Taproom attracts an audience of foreign and Japanese beer lovers with its excellent microbrews. There are usually around twenty...


Meguro Tavern - Brewpub: Meguro
Four house ales are on tap at this spacious British pub, mostly bitter styles and priced at Y1000 for a UK pint. The rotating food menu features Cornish pasties, fish and chips, shepard's pie and steak-and-kidney pie. Two big screens show football...
craft beer
Another8 - Bar: Meguro
Perhaps it's the chic, modern decor or the DJ booth at the front of the bar, but for some reason Another8 seems to attract a more stylish and cosmopolitan crowd than your typical beer bar. In addition to seven or eight taps of craft beer they also...


craft beer
DevilCraft - Beer bar: Gotanda
This third branch of the pioneering Tokyo craft-beer chain is the largest so far, attracting a thirsty after-work crowd in addition to the usual crew of beer aficionados. Twenty taps dispense one of the better selections of craft beers in town,...

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