Kansai area craft beer retailers
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Yamaya - Liquor shop: Namba
This nationwide chain specializes in imported wines and liquors, and they also carry a miscellaneous assortment of imported foods. They also stock several Belgian beers by the bottle along with bottles from Minoh, a local Osaka brewery. Maybe not...
Craft Beer Base - Beer bar: Umeda
This tiny standing beer bar attached to a retail liquor shop has only four taps, but they change fairly often. However the real reason to come here is their amazing selection of 200-300 bottled beers, including interesting US and European craft...
World Beer Museum - Beer bar: Umeda
With more than 300 seats and several different bar counters and table areas, this sprawling complex is more like a world-beer theme park than a typical bar. The place is run by a beer importer, so you'll see some unusual beers on draft that you...
Craft Beer Base Seed @Hanshin - Liquor shop: Umeda 1-chome
Located in the liquor section of Hanshin department store's food hall, this outlet of the Western-Umeda beer shop offers around 100 craft beers and Belgian beers for sale. Prices are slightly higher than at the main shop, about ten minutes away.

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