Craft Beer Bars Japan
Craft Beer Bars Japan
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Citraba - Beer bar: Koenji
This spacious beer bar offers 16 or so well-chosen craft beers from breweries like Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland, OR), Omnipollo (Stockholm), Wylam (Newcastle upon Tyne) and Outsider (Yamanashi). Citraba occupies the former location of Craft...
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Ibrew - Beer bar: Akihabara
With 47 taps, this spacious branch of the Ibrew craft-beer bar chain boasts one of the largest tap selections in Tokyo. Prices are quite reasonable, with almost all beers priced at Y390 and Y690 for medium- and large-size glasses (270ml and 470ml)....
british beer
Highbury - British pub: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
The eleven taps here dispense English beers from the highly regarded Thornbridge brewery, along with a few offerings from local brewers Ushitora and Hitachino Nest. Beers come in three sizes and are reasonably priced; they also have a bottle...
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Coaster - Beer bar: Shimo-Kitazawa
A spacious craft-beer bar at the southern end of Shimo-Kitazawa, Coaster offers a nice mix of Japanese, American and European craft beers from their fifteen taps. Beer comes in two sizes, priced Y600-850 for a small glass and Y1100-1400 for a...
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Midtown BBQ - American: Yokohama Nihon-Odori
Fantastic wagyu brisket is one of the highlights at this spacious new American-barbecue joint around the corner from Yokohama Stadium. They offer a full range of expertly barbecued meats including pulled pork, ribs, smoked sausages and chicken,...
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Yona Yona Beer Works - Beer bar: Shimbashi
Run by the Wondertable group and serving beer supplied by Karuizawa's Yaho Brewing (Yona Yona), this branch of the Beer Works offers the usual selection of tasty craft-sausage variations and roast Date Chicken that the chain is known for. There are...
Beer events
April 24 (Wed) - May 5 (Sun)
Belgian Beer Weekend 2019 Nagoya
Over fifty Belgian breweries take part each year, and 12.7 tons of Belgian fries are consumed at this very festive multi-city event.
Hisaya Odori Park, Hisaya Plaza - Angel Plaza
Price: Around Y2900 for a book of food and beer tickets
April 26 (Fri) - May 6 (Mon)
Yokohama Frulingsfest 2019
Frulingsfest is the German Festival to celebrate the coming of spring, and the Yokohama version is a huge local event, now in its sixteenth year. There's plenty of German beer, food and music, plus fun and games for kids.
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Event Plaza Red Brick Park
Free admission, pay as you go.
April 27 - May 6 (11am-9pm)
Kyushu Beer Festival 2019 in Oita
This is the fifth annual appearance of this regional beer event in Oita. The festival showcases local Kyushu craft breweries but also features plenty of beers from other areas of Japan as well as local food specialties.
Oita Station North Exit Plaza (Kanamemachi 1-1)
Free admission. Beer tickets are Y500 per glass; pay as you go for food.


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