Craft Beer Bars Japan
Craft Beer Bars Japan
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Karakuri - Oden: Kanda
Kakakuri is one of the rare drinking spots in Tokyo where you can find first-rate selections of both craft beer and craft sake. Despite the row of beer taps behind the counter, it feels more like a cozy neighborhood izakaya than a beer bar, and the...
Izumiya - Sake bar: Kojimachi
With its traditional wood-beam architecture, old-fashioned snacks and laid-back atmosphere, this long-established standing bar is a fun place to stop in for a glass of sake or a Belgian beer. The main sake list features fourteen labels from...
NEW: Schmatz Beer Stand - Beer bar: Machida
The half dozen or so German-style craft beers on tap at Schmatz are probably the most interesting brews you'll find in the Grandberry Park shopping mall. This mini-branch of the popular German chain, located in the middle of the "Gathering Market"...
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NEW: Hitachino Brewing Tokyo Distillery - Bar: Akihabara
Run by Kiuchi Brewery, the sake brewer behind the popular Hitachino Nest beer brand, this dining bar is devoted to craft spirits, craft beers and premium beef and pork from Ibaraki Prefecture. Drinks options include ten types of craft whisky...
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NEW: Craft Beer Market Whity Umeda - Bar: Osaka Umeda
It's hard to beat CBM for price and selection - they've got thirty taps of domestic and imported craft beers, and charge just Y480 for a small glass and Y780 for a pint (plus a very reasonable Y300 cover charge after 3pm). The food is also well above average...[Continue reading]
Tokaido Beer - Brewpub: Kawasaki
A stylish, cozy backstreet bar located six or seven minutes from Kawasaki Station, Tokaido Beer's taproom is a pleasant place to drop by for a freshly brewed beer or two. Brewmaster Satoshi Tanoue serves four year-round beers and one seasonal beer...
Beer events
Tokyo Hibiya
June 5-14 (Mon-Fri 4-10pm; Sat 11am-10pm; June 14 11am-9pm; times listed are for last order)
Hibiya Garden 2020 Part One
Billed as Japan's largest beer garden, this big outdoor party is now in its fourth year, and it brought in more than 200,000 visitors last year. They serve more than 70 kinds of beer and other alcoholic beverages, including craft beers from Japan and imported beers from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and the UK. There's plenty of food as well, and a full schedule of live musical performances.
Hibiya Park Central Fountain
Price: Free admission, pay as you go
Tokyo Hibiya
June 25-28 (Thursday-Sunday)
Belgian Beer Weekend 2020 Hibiya Park
Japan's biggest Belgian beer festival has expanded to a second Tokyo location, gathering at Hibiya Park over the course of eleven days. More than fifty Belgian breweries take part each year.
Hibiya Park Central Fountain
Price: Y2950 for a book of food and beer tickets, available from Family Mart on onsite.


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