Craft Beer Bars Japan
Craft Beer Bars Japan
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B at K5 - Beer bar: Kayabacho
Brooklyn Brewery's spacious Tokyo tasting room, located in the sprawling basement of a boutique hotel in Kayabacho, is one of the nicest craft-beer bars in town. They offer a big selection of freshly imported Brooklyn beers on tap and in cans and...
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Craft Beer Market Tokyo Torch - Beer bar: Yaesu
A new branch of Craft Beer Market is always a welcome addition to Tokyo's beer scene - you can count on a wide and varied tap list, decent food and good prices. This outlet is located in the stylish Tokyo Torch Terrace complex, so there's plenty of...
Drink Up!! Craft Beer Shop - Liquor shop: Koenji
If you're on the hunt for unusual craft beers, this tiny retail shop specializes in small, innovative breweries from under-represented corners of the world. There seems to be a emphasis on fruit flavors and dessert-influenced beers, and their...
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Uokin Jozo Stand - Beer bar: Ogawamachi
Run by a popular chain of fish specialty restaurants and bistros, this mini-brewpub in the Kanda Square complex serves craft beers along with a decent selection of sake and some wine by the glass. It's officially a standing bar, but if you want to...
Schmatz - German: Nagoya
The popular Schmatz chain of German restaurants is known for their German-style original craft beers and modern German cuisine, and this first Nagoya branch offers a good selection of both. Eight different sausages, a nicely varied charcuterie...
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DRA Stand - Bar: Hibiya
DRA is a stylish standing bar serving craft beers, unusual cocktails, pizzas, grilled lamb skewers and other meaty snacks. Twelve taps dispense craft beers like Modern Times Orderville Hazy IPA and Neko Nihiki from Isekadoya, with a good selection...


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