Craft Beer Bars Japan
Craft Beer Bars Japan
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NEW: Omnipollos Tokyo - Beer bar: Kayabacho
Omnipollos Tokyo is the first Japanese outlet of the trendy Stockholm-based beer producer and lifestyle brand Omnipollo. Ten or eleven of the company's contract-brewed beers are available at any given time, ranging from familiar styles like...
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NEW: 800 Degrees Craft Brew Stand - Beer bar: Yokohama Sta.
Craft beers and gourmet coffee are the main draws at this all-day cafe-bar, supported by a solid menu of artisanal sausages and charcuterie snacks. Seven taps dispense beers from a handful of local-area breweries, including a couple of original...
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Gather @ Eating House - Beer bar: Yokohama Bashamichi
With 250 seats, this is one of the biggest craft-beer bars we've been to in Japan, and the spacious outdoor terrace is a convivial gathering spot when the weather is nice. They pour a selection of twenty beers on tap, roughly divided between local...
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NEW: Mikkeler Kanda - Beer bar: Kanda
The popular Danish craft-beer brewery has opened a second Tokyo branch, located in the craft-beer haven of Kanda. They serve burgers on the first floor, while the bar area, with a dozen taps, is up a very narrow staircase (almost a ladder, really)...
Karakuri - Oden: Kanda
Kakakuri is one of the rare drinking spots in Tokyo where you can find first-rate selections of both craft beer and craft sake. Despite the row of beer taps behind the counter, it feels more like a cozy neighborhood izakaya than a beer bar, and the...
Izumiya - Sake bar: Kojimachi
With its traditional wood-beam architecture, old-fashioned snacks and laid-back atmosphere, this long-established standing bar is a fun place to stop in for a glass of sake or a Belgian beer. The main sake list features fourteen labels from...
Beer events
August 13-18 (postponed from April)
Belgian Beer Weekend 2020 Nagoya
Over fifty Belgian breweries take part in this event each year, and 12.7 tons of Belgian fries are consumed at this very festive multi-city event.
Hisaya Odori Park, Hisaya Plaza - Angel Plaza
Price: Y2950 for a book of food and beer tickets, available from Family Mart on onsite.


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