Craft Beer Bars Japan
Craft Beer Bars Japan
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NEW: Tokyo Aleworks Station Taproom - Beer bar: Yurakucho
Sixteen freshly brewed craft beers from the Itabashi-based brewery are served on tap here, alongside a food menu featuring chicken wings, burgers and pizzas. Sometimes in odd combinations - one of their more attention-worthy dishes is a deep-dish...
NEW: Brauertafel - Bar: Kaigan
Forty craft ciders from Washington State cidermakers are served at this spacious waterfront bar-restaurant, along with brick oven-roasted meats and vegetables. Only one of the ciders is on tap (the other 39 come in cans and bottles), but they also...
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B at K5 - Beer bar: Kayabacho
Brooklyn Brewery, now partly owned by Kirin, has opened a large Tokyo "tasting room" where you can sample freshly imported Brooklyn beers as well as some that are brewed here in Japan by Kirin. The ten beers on tap include Brooklyn Capataz (a...
NEW: Beer Cellar Sapporo - Beer bar: Harajuku
Don't be confused by its ground-floor location - Beer Cellar Sapporo is the first Tokyo branch of a highly regarded subterranean craft-beer bar that's based in Hokkaido's capital. The standing-only bar is nestled among the mini-restaurants and...
NEW: J.S. Lennup Hanare - German: Hibiya
J.S. Lennup has been serving German beers and food under the Hibiya Yamanote train tracks since 1978, so it's only appropriate that they should take their place in Hibiya Okuroji, the flashy new under-the-tracks shopping complex. This mini-branch...
Wine Styles - Liquor shop: Okachimachi
This retail liquor shop started out specializing in British wine, but they've since expanded their stock to include a good assortment of craft cider and perry (pear cider), imported from Britain, France and the US. The friendly proprietor has...


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